Priority: Medium


  • Closely watch your dog.
  • Needs a veterinary appointment in the next 1-2 days.
  • If symptoms change, repeat and revise the Symptom Checker.

Symptom Considerations

  • Ear problems are common.
  • Diagnostic testing, such as an ear swab, may be needed.
  • Ear swab would need a microscope (cytology) exam.
  • Some questions to prepare for:
    • Does your dog swim?
    • Has your dog been wet or bathed recently?
    • Has your dog had previous issues?
    • Is your dog itchy anywhere else?
  • Your dog may require:
    • Sedation for the procedure
    • Deep ear canal flushing
    • Oral or topical medications you will administer at home (anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, antifungals, ear cleaners)