Priority: Immediate


  • This is an emergency.
  • Contact your veterinarian or after-hours emergency care facility immediately.

Symptom Considerations

  • Constipation/straining can have different causes.
  • This is different than straining to pass frequent small amounts of feces (usually diarrhea).
  • Other symptoms can help identify the cause.
  • Please repeat the Pet Health Checker to assess symptoms not already addressed.
  • Some questions to prepare for:
    • How long has it been since your dog last had a bowel movement?
    • How long has straining occurred?
    • What other symptoms have you noticed?
  • Your dog may need diagnostic tests like:
    • Blood work
    • X-rays
    • Stool sample examination
    • Abdominal examination
    • Treatments, such as fluids for dehydration, enemas
    • Easy to digest food